Creating websites, interactive media and video


Center for Responsible Lending

CRL offers an important service to homeowners and families by working to eliminate abusive financial practices. They asked FireStream to build various interactive tools for their existing website to graphically demonstrate the perils of predatory lending.

Interest Rate Hikes
CRL wanted a dramatic, visually appealing demonstration on their credit card section to show consumers the deadly effect of interest rate hikes. Using Flash technology, FireStream delivered a richly animated cartoon of a burdened backpacker climbing “Mount Debtmore”. The humorous fall accompanied by free flying birds nevertheless makes the critical point the client desired

Financial Reform Monster Mash
FireStream was approached by CRL to put up an interactive animation of trading cards with villainous financial dealers on one side and relevant financial statistics on the other side. FireStream met the challenge of creating this complex Flash piece.

Foreclosure Map
At the height of the foreclosure crisis, CRL urgently needed an interactive map of the USA where people could see the numbers of foreclosures by state since January 2009. The client appreciated FireStream’s ability to deliver this interactive piece in a short time period.

Auto Dealer Markup Calculator
CRL wanted an easy-to-use calculator so auto buyers could expose the dealer markup on their prospective loan. FireStream built the calculator using Flash.